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Tales of Flame: Disembodied voice in my head. :iconjessy3017:jessy3017 2 7
5 minutes of pure umm
5 minutes of pure Umm
By Fillyfooler
It was a request, a very simple request.
Everyone else had done it and now it was her turn.
Fluttershy just didn't know what to do.
Sure, she had watched as each of her friends had taken her turn. She had even been amazed that Rarity could fit the whole thing into her mouth or even participate in such a deed, but why her? Why did she have to do it?
"It tastes like apples, you have to try it" Was the remark that had left to this stupid entanglement, really why would she care. Sure she had often seen and wondered if the thing tasted like apples but really why now? Why in front of all of her friends and Big Macintosh?
"I told you she'd never do it" Said the rainbow colored mare beside her,
"You simple must darling, it's an experience not to be missed. Isn't that right Big Mac" Rarity remarked
"Eeeyp" came the slow drawl of Big Mac.
Even Big Mac had tried it, this scared Fluttershy. EVEN BIG MAC had tried it. Really what did that leave up to he
:iconjessy3017:jessy3017 4 4
Mature content
Blood, pain, hurt and love. :iconjessy3017:jessy3017 5 3
Mature content
Lyra's Gift and Bon-Bon Curse. Part 2 :iconjessy3017:jessy3017 14 3
Dead dogs
Dead dogs.
By Fillyfooler
All rights for all characters go to Hasbro inc. And Lauren Flaust and the great number of artistes working on the show. All characters are from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I own nothing but the concept of the story.
It had finally come.
It had finally happened.
AppleJack wished it hadn't.
Why had it happened?
Was life so cruel? Was life so vicious as to take one of her closest friends?  
Didn't she get a say in how her life happened?
Didn't she get a say in what happened?
She wished it hadn't happened.
She wished that she had a say.
She wished that it wasn't true.
Oh how she wished it wasn't true, how she wished that this wasn't real.
But it was, there was no denying it.
It was true, it was all true.
One of her closes friends was dead.
There was nothing she could do.
Applebloom stood beside her crying, this was hard on her, she had never seen anything close to her die. And one so young shouldn't have to go through this. She had
:iconjessy3017:jessy3017 2 1
Lyra's gift and Bon-Bon's curse
Lyra's gift and Bon-Bons curse.
By Fillyfooler
Characters and places in this story belong to Hasbro and its respective parties.
Lyra was annoyed, she didn't know that the 'Hearts desire' would be 50 bits. But she needed that hearts desire, it had the exact right number of petals, she needed it for the spell. She bit the bridal, "Fine just give the damn flower" Lyra said as she passed 50 bits to Daisy. "Thanks so much Lyra, I've been trying to get rid of this blasted thing for over a month" The light cream pony stated, a smile on her lips.  
"Yeah, yeah." Lyra grunted, this was starting to get tiresome. 'I mean it's not like it's anything new, I  mean for the love of Celestria, it's over five hundred years old.' Lyra hated this, why did everypony have to know. It should have been just between her and Bon-Bon, an announcement was meant for later. 'Damn that Pinkie Pie' Lyra thought evilly 'And damn her pinky sense too'. It was as Lyra internally  monologging
:iconjessy3017:jessy3017 17 7
A poem for my Hannah.
By Jessy
A kiss is all it took for me to get hooked,
A swish of movement to get my attention,
A look you gave when we met,
Thats what started my love for you,
I hope that in the future we will look back together on those long, old days,
And sigh for the youth we once had,
But now here with you fills my heart and makes me want to cry,
Because I don't deserve you,
You are a goddess next to all,
But still you like me, more then that you love me,
But I am glad you do,
For you are the only one for me,
And even if you leave me I will still love you,
For you have captured my heart and mind,
And filled it with all things nice,
So thank you from the bottom of my heart,
For the love you give to me,
My kith.
:iconjessy3017:jessy3017 1 2
Ponyville through the eyes of looferfilly
An ode to ponyville and the ponies that live there.
This is a collection of poems all odes to ponies a new unicorn meets when she goes to ponyville.
All characters belong to their respective creators.
An ode to derby.
When I first met you,
You were staring at where the fields met the hay,
You said you were staring at the sea,
You were the pony I met when I came to ponyville,
I was intrapped by your eyes,those golden eyes, those golden orbs
they didn't know whether to come or go,
And then you told me your story,
Of a colt,
How he had saved your life,
Of the filly you had with him,
Of how he had died saving time,
I was intrigued,
Would you, could you love a mare,
And so I stayed around in that little town,
I met your filly, so strange that your union had brought you a unicorn,
But she was your muffin and you couldn't care had she being a griffin,
And so I stayed,
And took my mail from you everyday,
I grew to wish for you in my dreams,
So please Derpy,
Come to me, let me hold you,
Let us
:iconjessy3017:jessy3017 2 0
The Trial of Bon-Bon and Lyra
The trial of Bon-Bon and Lyra.
By Jessy Toph
A collection of three poems.
All respective characters are property of hasbro and their wonderful team who bring us a wonderful show.
You said you had to go,
And so you did,
Only for two weeks you quoted,
But you took three,
And came back with her,
I was a mess, I thought you had left me,
It seemed you did,
Who was this mare with the styled mane and grey coat,
Did she know the places of you I knew?
Had she tasted your sweetness, in the darkness,
Had she seen what I saw of you,
Seen the beauty of your soul,
You try to say, I'm seeing shadows were none exist,
But I see the way you look at her so I run,
Run so far and so fast hoping never to see your kind face again.
I even now remember our first kiss,
It was a mistake, a kiss of breath,
To a pony you thought of as dead,
I was on the shore that runs through this town,
Swimming I had been,
All who know me, knew I swam,
But you who was new didn't,
It was the kiss of life but I didn't know,
It was
:iconjessy3017:jessy3017 10 4
Mature content
What I want to tell you :iconjessy3017:jessy3017 30 29


A couple of drunk lesbians tangled in garland by OgaraOrCynder A couple of drunk lesbians tangled in garland :iconogaraorcynder:OgaraOrCynder 63 7 Under the Mistletoe by SorcerusHorserus Under the Mistletoe :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 920 85 Years Ago by JustRiyaRay
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by Otakon7

Okay, well theres some problems with this. 1. The proportions seem to be off, I mean if Bon-bon gets up from that swing she'll be bigge...


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Jessy Toph
New Zealand
Just a girl who's in university and likes to browes other's art work, but does write. Am at the moment really into my little pony friendship is magic and furries and is a furry.

Current Residence: Dunedin
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Whaaaaaat?
Print preference: Huh?
Favourite genre of music: Meh
Favourite style of art: What ever, it changers but generally realistic
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: Just the one I got
Shell of choice: BA boombs
Wallpaper of choice: MLP
Skin of choice: Mine
Favourite cartoon character: Fluttershy, luna, Toph, Renamon
Personal Quote: No, thats not what I meant. Every time you speck the human race looks the tiniest bit more bleak.
Me and Hannah broke up.
5 years of relationship down the tube, now I must admit to knowing this was going to happen sooner or later. We were starting to just get on each others nerves endlessly and we were start to just resent each other on a deeply personal level.
So yeah, I'm now in a new place, quite literally as we shared a flat, as well as emotionally.
But everything's going good so far and I hope they continue that way. 
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Fanfics, sad i know
  • Watching: Reviewers and M*A*S*H*
  • Playing: LOL and Minecraft
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water and tea



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